A world leader in seaborne Ethane trade

tons shipped



Semi-Ref Multi Gas Carrier “Dragon Class” 27.500 cbm

Commodity Compatibillity

  • Ethylene (-103°C)
  • Ethane (-89°C)
  • Propane/Propylene (-48°C)
  • Butane/Butadine

Unique Characterictics

  • Ideal cost economics for intercontinental trade
  • Low draft unlocks additional trading possibilities
  • Duel fuel engines unlocks cost savings
  • Type C tank enables efficiency gains during loading and cool down

Semi-Ref Multi Gas Carrier “Dragon Class” 27.500 cbm

  • LNG/Methane (-163°C)
  • Ethylene (-103°C)
  • Ethane (-89°C)
  • Propane/Propylene (-48°C)
  • Butane/Butadine (-10°C)
  • VCM (-10°C)
  • Broad range of deployment options due to multi-gas compatibillity
  • Duel fuel engines unlocks cost savings
  • Highly experienced in STS
  • Size requirements for Grangemouth locks fulfilled

Pressurized LPG Carrier 5.000 cbm


  • Propane/Propylene (-48°C)
  • Butane/Butadine (-10°C)
  • VCM (-10°C)
  • Well suited for short-haul trade

Very Large Ethane carrier “VLEC”
85.000 cbm

  • World’s leading transporter of Ethane:
  • 3.5+ Million tons transported since 2015

Semi-Ref Multi Gas Carrier “Dragon Class”
27.500 cbm

  • Dedicated to the “maritime Silk Road” initiative
  • First carrier worldwide to pioneer Ethane propulsion at sea
  • All Research & Development for Ethane propulsion technology completed in conjunction with Evergas

Pressurized LPG Carrier
5.000 cbm

  • Strong track record with LNG cargoonboard Dragon Class vessels



Demand boom on the back of rising US shale gas production

Eight Dragons and two VLECs makes Evergas the segment leader

Maintaining and developing this position is a key priority for Evergas


The global megatrend towards less CO2 and particulate emissions makes LNG an attractive energy source for many economies

Island economies demand small and flexible vessels = SSLNG vessels

SSLNG operations on one of our Dragon vessels


Two vessel designs in place

Cradle-completion project execution

LNG bunkering projects for governments and energy majors, with Evergas as the vessel owner and service provider, are a key priority